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Most Stolen Cars in Kenya: Features that Make Your Car Theft-Prone

Most Stolen Cars in Kenya: Features that Make Your Car Theft-Prone

Kenyans undoubtedly have good taste when it comes to automobiles. The auto industry in this region is growing like anything. Well that can also be the reason for the growth of the black market for stolen cars. The automobile theft rate is mounting surprisingly in Kenya. The most stolen cars in Kenya are new or modify Japanese cars.

Due to the maximum number of tech features and specs, Japanese cars are more theft-prone here. Reports on this precise topic demonstrate that maximum vehicles targeted by thieves belong to Japanese automakers.

It is the features that make any automobile theft-prone. Robbers only aim the cars that have some interesting tech features.

Let us discuss the common features that make any automobile theft-prone in Kenya.

Most Stolen Cars in Kenya: Common Features These Cars Share

Japanese automotive manufacturers are ruling the Kenyan market without any doubt. Cars for sale in Kenya are mostly Japanese makes. Toyota is the leading brand that interests most thieves, be it new or used vehicles.

The black market for stolen cars is growing with a high percentage. This depicts that buying and selling of stolen vehicles are on the rise.

Japanese automotive manufacturers are an easy target for most thieves in the region. Also the maximum vehicles in Kenya are either Japan-made or Toyota.

Many popular luxury brands, including Porsche and Range Rover, are safe as thieves show the least interest in them.

Here are some features that entice thieves in Kenya.

Your Car is White

White cars are the first choice for Kenyan thieves. Most stolen cars in Kenya are white as per the recent reports by The Association of Kenya Insurers (AKI).

The reason behind this is not apparent yet. It can be because white cars are easy to repaint, slow interior heating in hot weather, maximum cars are white here, or anything.

Most stolen cars in Kenya are white Toyota cars.
Kenyan thieves go for white cars over other colors.

You Own a Toyota

Most stolen cars in Kenya are Toyota, as these are an easy target. Kenyans share an excellent relationship with Toyota cars. There you can easily find the maximum number of Toyotas on the roads.

Among Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Isuzu, Honda, and Station Wagon are also on the list.

Luxury cars and brands, including Volvo, BMW, Hyundai, and Ford, are less stolen.

You Own a Sedan

Sedans rank high in the stolen cars list as compared to SUVs, pickup, and vans. It can be their compact size and the highest number in the region that makes it an easy target.

Bulky automobiles, including buses and trailers, are the least useful to thieves in Kenya.

You Parked at Unusual Place

Cars parked at strange or unauthorized places are prone to theft at the highest rate. Thieves aim and raid such cars as nobody is there to look after it.

Not only were these cars stolen, but sometimes there were cases of spare parts going missing. Nairobi tops the list of spare parts lost cases. Even the most stolen cars in Kenya are from Nairobi as it is the primary spot for thieves.

Most stolen cars in Kenya are either Japan made or Toyota.
Thieves in Kenya choose Toyota vehicles as their primary objective.

The Final Words

All in all, you need to prevent your car from such troubles whenever visiting theft-prone places in Kenya. Most stolen cars in Kenya are immediately dissembled and spare parts are sold. So, ensure to part in legal locations or leave your vehicle at unusual places in Kenya.

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