white smoke from exhaust diesel

What causes White Smoke from Exhaust Diesel?

What causes White Smoke from Exhaust Diesel?

Continual smoke blowing from the vehicle’s exhaust is a red flag for the diesel engine. This means, the engine is not functioning properly and requires immediate service at the trained mechanical center.

However, if any action were not taken timely, the engine’s life would shorten and may tear a hole in your pocket later, while getting it repaired. Therefore, the signs of white smoke from exhaust diesel must be taken as an early opportunity to save money and improve the efficiency of the diesel engine.

Study Signals of White Smoke from Exhaust Diesel

Besides recognizing and comprehending the testers and gauges, the diesel white smoke is what can alert you to the potential problems in an engine. In many cases, the white smoke emission on the initiation of the vehicle is usual. However, if the emanation from the tailpipe of the vehicle continues even after obtaining an ideal temperature, it indicates the incomplete burning of the fuel.

The reasons behind unburned or partially burned and intact raw diesel may vary greatly. However, to diagnose the source of the problem, it is important to understand the causes first that may be responsible for generating the issue.

1. Worn out Components (Like Valve Seats, Head Gasket, Cylinder head or Liner)

The torn or worn out components in an engine is really a thoughtful issue. Because the damaged parts of an engine cause the white smoke from exhaust diesel. For instance, if the valve seats are not adjusted properly or have worn out badly, it will activate the decompression lever partially. As a consequence, the piston won’t be able to move freely in the cylinder due to high compression inside the chamber.

2. Lack of Adequate Compression in Cylinder

One of the topmost causes behind the low compression in the cylinder is leaking or broken valves. But, in the line, there are other culprits too such as broken cylinder’s rings.

Emission of white smoke from exhaust diesel
What are the causes of white smoke from exhaust diesel

Note: It is not the common cause of diesel white smoke.

3. Imprecise Fuel Injection Timing

If the gear or crankshaft is damaged, the fuel will be delivered late inside the combustion chamber. As a result, the fuel will burn partially emitting the white smoke from exhaust diesel.

4. Damaged Fuel Injectors

When the fuel injectors don’t spray the appropriate amount of fuel in the combustion container, this means the injectors need immediate service. So that, the replacement or repair of damaged fuel injector can be done.

In order to detect this issue, the engine would be a little bit louder than on the normal days.

5. Faulty Fuel Pump

The damaged fuel pump will lack an adequate amount of power resulting in low pressure inside the pump. This occurs because of the lack of sufficient pressure that allows things like air to get in the fuel pipeline.

 Fuel Pump problem causes white smoke from exhaust diesel
White smoke from exhaust diesel due to Faulty Fuel Pump

So, remember whatever the cause of white smoke from exhaust diesel is, one needs to check it before the situation exacerbates. Because when as a responsible driver, a person treats his engine well, it serves him over a longer period.

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