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How to Remove Wax From Windshield of RV: The Right Way

How to Remove Wax From Windshield of RV: The Right Way

Many RV owners struggle their selves to remove wax from windshield. The wax build-up may come from frequent automatic carwash sessions, which offer a wash along with the wax option. So much wax on the windscreen affects the driver’s vision and to clean it is necessary. Therefore, the right way cleaning is the first thing to do.

Now let’s follow the step by step procedure to clean the windshield effectively.

This is how you Remove Wax from Windshield

No matter in which condition your windshield is, cleaning it by using the right strategy is what required. So, check out the right method, which is perfect to clear the windshield of your RV.

1. Clean the Outside

To remove wax from windshield, start cleaning the exterior by spraying any glass cleaner on the windshield. To ensure that the area is properly cleaned, lift up the wipers. Be it the left or right side, spray in such a way that you cover the broadest possible area. A steel wool, handheld brush, sponge, wipes and a wash mitt are ideal to wipe the windshield. However, use the best RV wax for fiberglass that comes with the lubrication. If you are facing trouble to lean in the middle of the shield, using the handheld brush or mop is the best choice to make. Wiping in back and forth motion is helpful to achieve even clean up. However, make sure that you don’t wipe in the circular motion as this could leave the smudges behind.

In order to remove wax from windshield completely, buffing works as a miracle. When you finish the wiping, exchange the used towel or wipe with the new one and start moving it in the circular motion. As you know the size of the RV windshield is bigger, you might require several microfiber towels for this process. Continue this process until the windshield doesn’t start shinning like a diamond.

2. Clean the Interior of the Windshield 

Cleaning the wax from the interior is as important as cleaning from the outside. To get started with the cleaning for the inside, clean the dashboard with a microfiber towel. This is to make sure that the dashboard doesn’t get any nasty glass cleaner dripped on it. Spray a few additional spouts of the cleaner on the shield and move the scrub pad on it. Initially, start moving the pad from the upper-right corner of the passenger seat working all the way to the driver seat. For the better results, move your hand in the small and tight circles.

3. Cleaning with Wiper Lever

Pulling the windshield wiper straight back and away from the staring column, two parallel streams of fluid will eject onto the shield. In the worst aces scenario, when fluid doesn’t come out after pulling the lever, check the level by opening the hood and positioning back the fluid. There might be chances that the wiper fluid leaves the lines or marks on the windshield. Refilling the wiper with a different variety of fluid can remove those stains. However, for a neat cleaning, changing the wiper blades after every 2 to 3 years or by removing the blade build up with alcohol or spirit will amplify the life of the wiper. You can also use the best RV wax for fiberglass for the rest of the body, as well.

And, that’s it! You can ride by enjoying the panoramic views all the way to your destiny.

So, remove wax from windshield with this amazing technique now!

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